Sunday, November 23, 2008


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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Elegance

Can holiday-themed garments and accessories be elegant? I have seen beautiful everyday sweaters, scarves, etc. to be worn for various holidays, but I'm thinking more about themed items like scarves with Santa faces, pumpkin hats, and the infamous holiday sweaters that are blinged-out with paraphernalia for whatever holiday is occurring.
I have to confess that I abhor holiday sweaters. I itch just looking at them. In fact, me and few friends find pics of them and post them at each other. "Girl, this is YOU." "Okay, well then THIS is you!" LOL! If holiday sweaters are your thing, don't take offense, they just aren't for me.
So, I've been thinking about making something for Halloween that I could actually wear and not feel like a big kid. That meant no bats, pumpkins, black cats, etc. I have had an idea since this time last year. Made a few sketches. Did a few swatches.
I think I may have come up with something that I really like. We shall see.


I am so obsessed with making old school photos on Somebody who shall remain unnamed really thought the photo I'm using as my Ravatar was the real deal, which would mean I was in high school in 1964. I know I'm a grandmother, but 1964??? I look like I should have been marching with Dr. King. Ha! LOL!


In Cro News: Crocheter Detained Because of Drawing in Her Sketchbook

photo of SUV wearing "Homeland Security Blanket"

This is beyond bizarre.

Keene artist had hard time getting back into US
Keene artist struggles to get back into US
Staff Writer CNHI News Service

KEENE VALLEY -- Keene Valley resident Jerilea Zempel was detained at the
U.S. border this summer because she had a drawing of a sport-utility vehicle in
her sketchbook.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers told Zempel they suspected her
of copyright infringement.She was released after more than an hour in custody at
the Houlton, Maine, port of entry from New Brunswick, Canada.

Her release came only after she persuaded border guards she was an artist
doing a project that involved a crocheted SUV as a statement against America's
dependence on oil and love for big vehicles.

continued . . .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crochet Commuter Chronicles: Stylin' and Stitchin'

Someone gave me this photo, and I love it! I would sit next to him everyday on the train. Not only is he crocheting while commuting, but he's doing it while sporting his crochet ensemble. He is truly repping for crochet.

Monday, September 15, 2008


cheetah print for Spoonflower fabric

I received my first order of custom fabric from Spoonflower last month. There are some things I'll tweek for my next order, but I was very pleased with it. I originally wanted to use it for a specific project that combined sewing and crochet, but I missed the deadline. So I'm undecided what to do with it. One fabric was a simple stripe and the other is a cheetah print with a turquoise background. It is from a painting I did a few years ago. Spoonflower is a printer of fabrics that are custom designed. The company is still in the beta phase so there is a waiting list for new customers.

You can see both my fabrics on the Spoonflowering Episode 8 video on the Spoonflower blog. First one is the turquoiz cheetah print and the second is the turquoiz/red stripe shown later in the video. :D

Friday, September 12, 2008

International Crochet Day Debut: Blusa Queen

Here she is! International Crochet Day was the perfect day to finally show Blusa Queen online and in public. I wore her to work and received some nice compliments. I was happy to say that today is International Crochet Day. "Is there really such a thing?" Yes. Yes, it sure is. Next year the holiday should be even more known if the current buzz continues.

I quickly took this in the morning before work. I'll take some more pictures later and be back with some commentary about what adaptations I made to the original pattern and other observations.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2nd Annual International Crochet Day

The second annual International Crochet Day is this Friday, September 12, 2008. Crocheters around the globe are asked to find a way to participate and show your crochet to the world. You can read Jimbo's blog to learn more about this holiday. Spread the word.

I already CIP (crochet in public) almost daily so I'm already repping for crochet on that tip. I'm going to wear something crochet to work on Friday. In fact, I'm going to debut BLUSA QUEEN. I know she's long past due. She has actually been completed for a while now, but I haven't felt up to pictures.

In other crochet news, I spotted eight crochet items in the current issue of Belle Armoire, plus some crocheted lace in one of the articles.

eta: Make that NINE crochet items. There is a really cute crochet sweater shown with one of the ruffled skirts.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Bar Has Been Raised

Everyone is going nuts over the new Fall 2008 issue of Interweave Crochet. People had been visiting the website daily (some several times a day) last week to check and see if there had been an update about the new issue. I wonder how many visitors IC had last week.

I have to agree after looking at the previews that this looks like it will be the best issue ever. I'll just have to add these designs to my long wish list of projects I want to crochet.

All the designs look upscale, yet very wearable. One day I'm going to have one my designs in this magazine.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blusa Queen Update

Blusa Queen is finished. She's being blocked as I type this.

My time has been devoured with working on crochet designs and submissions. I now have a few crochet designs floating out there so we will see what comes of this.

My first published crochet design will hopefully appear this winter. When it happens, I'll be here to shout with all the details.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Winning Feels So Good!

I was tickled to find out I was this week's winner for Getting Loopy's drawing. Getting Loopy is a podcast dedicated to topics relating to crochet. It's hosted by Mary Beth Temple, and it's informative and FUN. You can listen to the show live on Monday nights at 9:00 pm EST or catch a repeat from the archives.

I won seven patterns and some yarn from Robyn Chacula. I can't wait to try her designs.
If you aren't listening, you are missing out. They give away great prizes every week.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Digging in the Crates

I'm attempting to get my garage organized. Right now it is a semi-organized mess because everything are neatly piled, but it is still cluttered to the point where I'm jacking myself up trying to get to things.

So, I have about 5-6 plastic storage bins in there, and I'm taking them out one at a time and going through the contents. I've done some magazines, some books, and other miscellaneous stuff. There a tub of sewing patterns and fabrics in there that I don't even want to look at yet. Hundreds of dollars worth of patterns and I've made none of them.

I found this tub full of yarn and crochet projects that I'd forgotten. A Sponge Bob graphghan that was barely started and abandoned, a camisole that was complete except for one bra cup (I think the cups didn't provide enough coverage), a bunch of projects and experiments in various stages of completion. I still haven't looked all the way through the bin. No telling what's on the bottom. Right at the top I found this shrug jacket. It was finished except for THE LAST ROW and adding a button. I don't know why I didn't finish this.

I shudder to try to remember what is in my storage unit.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crochet Commuter Chronicles - Intro

Two weeks ago I started riding the commuter bus to work instead of driving. I tell myself and others that I did it to save money on monthly parking and these mega gas prices. I say to myself and to my boyfriend that it will cut down on my stress, and I won't be frustrated by the time I get to work from all my cussing at idiot drivers. I've bargained with myself and convinced my employers that I will finally be able to get to work on time from now on instead of being chronically late.

All these things are partially true. But if I am to be honest with myself, I am on that bus because it gives me MORE TIME TO CROCHET. I'm coming clean here and telling the truth. All those things I mentioned above take second place or lower to my crochet.

Before I would wake up, roll over and grab my current crochet project (or choose from several) that slept on the other side of the bed that night. I'd crochet for 15-20 mins, then slowly get ready for work, sometimes coming back a few times in between to pick up my project and do a few more stitches or rounds while dancing to the radio.

Then I'd be sure to grab a project on the way out and place it in the passenger seat to ride shotgun with me to work. At traffic stops/lulls, I'd pick up my hook and put in some work. I used to get some looks at stop lights. Yeah, I'm guilty of CWD. Well, not while moving though.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Queen Update

I'm nearing the end on this project. I'm working on the 2nd sleeve and then the fun part begins. The ruffles! I can't wait to put the frill on this jacket.

Ugh! Don't look too closely at my pits in that first pic. I'm a child of the 60s and 70s. LOL!

I had to take a break from Connecticut Avenue and a couple of other "winter" projects. It's too hot here and and just can't make myself touch that wool.

I have some accessories projects that are almost done. Cute and fly stuff!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've been Meme'd by Deb-VA at My Dzire for Yarn. First, I was like "what is a Meme?" But this seems like a fun way to learn more about bloggers that I've found interesting. Okay, here's the way it goes:

"The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer."

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?
  • Getting acclimated in a new city, starting a new job, dealing with teens.
2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today?
  • Catch up on work that has accummulated while out on leave.

  • Balance biz acct and email partner.
  • Finish crocheting 2nd sleeve top of Blusa Queen.

  • Prepare for work for tomorrow.

  • Late night "meeting" with SO (maybe).
3) Snacks I enjoy:
  • Chips, hummus, spinach dip, carrot cake, peach cobbler, cookies, dried fruit
4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

  • Make sure family is taken care of, donate where I see fit, volunteer, travel, invest, take classes and spend on whatever gets my juices flowing. I'd spend at least 1/2 of everyday crocheting.
5) Places I have lived:

  • Ohio, Maryland, Georgia, Germany
6) Jobs I have had:
  • Secretary -- different jobs with different duties, same title
7) Bloggers I am tagging who you will enjoy getting to know better:

These are bloggers I'd like to get to know better. I hope this is fun. Tag, y'all are it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lost in Translation? Maybe Not

Well, I can do a little Samba, but I cannot speak nor read Portuguese. I do know that Penguin is Pingouin, though, and I do know how to read a symbol chart. I am so glad I can because . . .

Blusa Queen is a beautiful pattern from this Brasilian website. I started this last week, and it is going well.

For those of you who might want to give this one a try, I have some observations:

  • Try using a larger hook and if necessary thicker yarn if you need a larger size.

  • Begin with the round motifs, joining them as you go.

  • After you have the strip of connected round motifs, begin the filler mesh, and then do the pineapples.

  • Part 2 begins with 2 dc, ch 1 across the last row of the pineapples. There should be a total of 288 stitches, including turning chain. 36 stitches evenly over each circle motif below.

I'll share more observations later, if I have any.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Graced with Lace

  • Purchased IC magazine in 2004

  • Began Lily Chin Lace Dress in 2005

  • Completed in 2006

  • Wove in the ends and blocked in April 2008

  • Finally, posting pictures almost four years later in May 2008


I made this with Patons Grace in Tangelo. I am not nude underneath. Instead of a slip, I'm wearing a skin-toned body shaper. It extends from below my bra to above my knees. If you wear this, you can see through the lace, but you are well-covered.

I need to update my Blog Roll. There are several blogs I want to add.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I was very fortunate to have had a mother who taught me to crochet when I was a very small child. She was patient and taught me how to do different stitches and to make clothes for my Barbie doll. I made dresses and little berets for them to wear. They were so FLY!

I would sit and watch my mother as she worked on her projects. I was soaking in everything she did. I'd ask her what she was making and about the stitches she was using. Sometimes I'd ask her if I could try a few stitches, and she'd let me do a few of them. I learned to do Tunisian, Hairpin, Broomstick and more from her back then. Who knew all those techniques would become so popular again?

I remember my mother made these red and white striped ponchos for me and my sister. You COULD NOT tell us we weren't "bad." We wore them with white clogs with wooden heels in the summer, and in the fall we wore them with these black Go Go Boots that we begged to get. It didn't matter that the boys told us our boots didn't fit and made our skinny legs look like toothpicks. (The boys sure love the legs now, though. LOL) We wore those ponchos until they couldn't be worn anymore.

My mother was so talented with anything involving creating with her hands. Besides crochet, she was a skilled seamstress, a fantastic cook and did hair better than any hairdresser. I learned everything from her. If my mother was still alive, I'm sure she would be designing crochet garments that would rival anything out here.

But I titled this post "Legacy," didn't I? So that means things didn't start with my mother. My grandmother's also a skilled crocheter, and I spent time watching her, leafing through her patterns, and asking questions. Of course, my grandmother excelled at cooking, sewing and she was also a licensed hairdresser.

So from grandmother to my mother to me, the gift of crocheting along with many other gifts have been passed down. My sister had no interest in learning from my mother and other sisters were very young when my mother died so they never learned. I am blessed to have been the recipient of these gifts.

I guess it is my duty to pass things on in the family. So far, my daughter has not been interested in learning anything, but I'm hoping that this will change now that she will be giving birth to her daughter in a few days. I'm still going to try to get my daughter interested in learning, and I look forward to the day I can teach my granddaughter to crochet.

I've already started teaching some of my nieces, and I'm going to have a crochet party later this year and give the girls more lessons. I still haven't written off my sisters either. I'm hoping that one day they might just want to pick up a hook and give it a try.
Happy Mothers' Day

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Recovery and Revisiting Old Projects


I'm regaining my strength after illness and surgery. Recovery is a process that has to be measured in daily increments with a few setbacks along the way. I am making progress though.

Thank goodness I have my crochet. It has gotten me through pain, insomnia and boredom with being bedridden.

I am so grateful to my loved ones for taking care of me.

Revisiting of the Old

During the moments when I am strong and energetic, I've been pulling out old crochet projects and UFOs. I had several UFOs that were completed except I never wove in the ends, blocked, added buttons, etc. Finishing is NOT my favorite part of crochet. Usually I want to keep my hook going and start on something else as soon as I'm done. That's why I try to keep several projects going at one time.

I finally put the finishing touches on my Lily Chin Lace Dress that I made ages ago. I will take a photo as soon as I find a slip to wear underneath.

I found a jacket/coat I made a few years back and when I tried it on, I was surprised at how CUTE it was. It was very simple to make and more of an experiment so I never really looked at it. I'm going to finish weaving in the ends and put on the buttons. I think I can even retro-engineer a pattern from it just from looking at it.

I also finished a mystery project that I was working on. I cannot wait to share that with everyone. It is the sexy hotness IMO.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Connecticut Avenue Redeux

I am very happy with the way the original Connecticut Avenue Jacket turned out, but after going over my notes, I saw there are some areas that need refining. So I am making another one using a different bulky yarn. This one is made using Knit Pick's Quarry in Ubatuba.

One trick that I'm using this time is making both the left and right front at the same time using two skeins of yarn. It seems to go faster and I can be sure that they are working up the same by doing my increases/decreases for the row at the same time on both pieces. I'm going to do the same thing when I work the sleeves.

I'll take better pictures also. Make sure I wear a bra this time and model someplace other than my bathroom.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Easy Custom-Fitted Hat Download

This is an easy and simply way to make a hat without being able to make a circle or crochet in the round. This pattern is basic but allows for any type of embelishment you can imagine.

I've uploaded this as a free downloadable pattern on Ravelry. Feel free to add it to your PDF library. For those of you not on Ravelry, you can download the pattern in PDF format HERE.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Does HE Know?

Thanks for the comments on my "Envisioning and Staying Focused" post. My son is 24. But you all are right about what does HE know. He's spent the last four years wearing a uniform in the Air Force. In fact, I just had to give him a lesson this weekend on shopping and types of men's clothing.

Thanks for the encouragement and I am definitely doing to attempt a pattern for my Connecticut Ave Jacket.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Logo, Uh Huh!

Finally got around to putting up a new logo. Looks good with the blue background.

Actually, it's a rip off the logo from my old blog website Unrepentant Hooker. I'm going to eventually revamp that blog and site.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Envisioning and Staying Focused

The other week, I couldn't wait to get to my Connecticut Avenue Jacket and remove the pins from the blocking. It has turned out exactly like I had envisioned, maybe even better. I proudly put in on, sans the buttons that needed to be added, and went into my 24-year-old son's room to model my creation.

"What do you think?"

Him: "Is that the thing you've been working on all this time?"

*smiling proudly* "Yes!"

Him: "Oh, it should be longer and why are the sleeves too short?"

"Because that's the style that's out right now, and I think it's cute."

Him: "Well, it looks okay, but the sleeves . . ."

*getting irritated and cutting him off* "You don't know what's hot right now." *I exit back to my fortress of solitude and sanity, otherwise known as my bedroom*

I can only imagine what my daughter will say when I show her. LOL!

For some reason, I tend to keep my creations to myself and admire them in private. I don't know why I only trip about my crochet only. I used to design jewelry, dolls and others creations -- proudly displaying them for sale -- but it's like I couldn't bear for someone close to me to talk bad about my first love, crochet.

Ravelry is helping me to get over this. Seeing so many people freely displaying their work has made me brave. Got me in my closets looking for things I made long ago so I can say "look what I made!" I'm even modeling my designs. LOL!

I have one more step I need to take, though. I need to work up the courage to show my boyfriend my finished work. He always sees me crocheting but never sees what I've done. And on top of all this, he's professional photographer, but still my crazy butt is taking pics in my bathroom instead of asking him to take my pics. Does that make any sense?

I really want to eventually have some of my designs for sale as patterns, and in order to do that I'm going to have to get focused and get over my phobias and weird ways.

Friday, February 1, 2008

This AIN'T Crochet

I decided to pick up a little knitting project just to see if I still had it. I chose these cute, little Pocketbook Slippers by Lisa Vienneau & Allison Barrett at Knitwits Heaven.

Started a little rough but I'm getting a steady pace going. My hands hurt though because I knit tight and hold the needles with a "kung-fu grip."

I'm sure I'll be making more of these in lots of colors. They would make a nice holiday gift too.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Done With Orchid, Time for Some New Projects

I've finished the Orchid Top by LilyGo. I'm very satisfied with it, and I just might make this again.

I've been working on my own design which I'm calling "Connecticut Avenue Jacket." All of the crocheting is done, and it's now blocking. All that is left is to add the buttons. I used a Tunisian x-stitch and finished the edges with reverse crochet/crab stitch. I took good notes on this one. Might write a pattern.

I've also been working on some small projects that I'll share later, and I finally got around to putting up some pics on Ravelry of a few old projects.

If you are on Ravelry, stop by and check out the Contestants - Enter Here! forum for the latest contests/sweepstakes for fiber artists.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Orchid Needs Buttons

Finally done with the crocheting. My White Orchid is blocked, and this weekend I will find some cute buttons for it. Ew, looking at the photo I can now see that this top was nowhere near aligned when I pinned it. I will use a ruler next time instead of just eyeballing it.

Hope I haven't gotten to fat to model this.

Speaking of weight, I've just come off a 14-day fast. Nothing but fresh juices and water. I lost 10 lbs. I will be doing this again in a few months. I cannot wait to get my cholesterol checked again.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Tunisian Afghan CAL

This is the square for January for the Ravelry Tunisian Crochet Group's crochetalong. We are completing one square a month and at the end of this year the squares will make complete Tunisian sampler afghan. The stitch for January is the X-Stitch. Here is a close up view.

I haven't blocked the square yet. I'll probably do them all at the same time.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Grocery Bag Project

Yesterday, I made the Crochet Grocery Bag by Haley Waxberg. I was done so quickly. I'll definitely be making more of these.

If you need to put together some quick AND cute gifts. This is the project for you.