Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2nd Annual International Crochet Day

The second annual International Crochet Day is this Friday, September 12, 2008. Crocheters around the globe are asked to find a way to participate and show your crochet to the world. You can read Jimbo's blog to learn more about this holiday. Spread the word.

I already CIP (crochet in public) almost daily so I'm already repping for crochet on that tip. I'm going to wear something crochet to work on Friday. In fact, I'm going to debut BLUSA QUEEN. I know she's long past due. She has actually been completed for a while now, but I haven't felt up to pictures.

In other crochet news, I spotted eight crochet items in the current issue of Belle Armoire, plus some crocheted lace in one of the articles.

eta: Make that NINE crochet items. There is a really cute crochet sweater shown with one of the ruffled skirts.