Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Elegance

Can holiday-themed garments and accessories be elegant? I have seen beautiful everyday sweaters, scarves, etc. to be worn for various holidays, but I'm thinking more about themed items like scarves with Santa faces, pumpkin hats, and the infamous holiday sweaters that are blinged-out with paraphernalia for whatever holiday is occurring.
I have to confess that I abhor holiday sweaters. I itch just looking at them. In fact, me and few friends find pics of them and post them at each other. "Girl, this is YOU." "Okay, well then THIS is you!" LOL! If holiday sweaters are your thing, don't take offense, they just aren't for me.
So, I've been thinking about making something for Halloween that I could actually wear and not feel like a big kid. That meant no bats, pumpkins, black cats, etc. I have had an idea since this time last year. Made a few sketches. Did a few swatches.
I think I may have come up with something that I really like. We shall see.


I am so obsessed with making old school photos on Somebody who shall remain unnamed really thought the photo I'm using as my Ravatar was the real deal, which would mean I was in high school in 1964. I know I'm a grandmother, but 1964??? I look like I should have been marching with Dr. King. Ha! LOL!


In Cro News: Crocheter Detained Because of Drawing in Her Sketchbook

photo of SUV wearing "Homeland Security Blanket"

This is beyond bizarre.

Keene artist had hard time getting back into US
Keene artist struggles to get back into US
Staff Writer CNHI News Service

KEENE VALLEY -- Keene Valley resident Jerilea Zempel was detained at the
U.S. border this summer because she had a drawing of a sport-utility vehicle in
her sketchbook.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers told Zempel they suspected her
of copyright infringement.She was released after more than an hour in custody at
the Houlton, Maine, port of entry from New Brunswick, Canada.

Her release came only after she persuaded border guards she was an artist
doing a project that involved a crocheted SUV as a statement against America's
dependence on oil and love for big vehicles.

continued . . .