Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crochet Commuter Chronicles - Intro

Two weeks ago I started riding the commuter bus to work instead of driving. I tell myself and others that I did it to save money on monthly parking and these mega gas prices. I say to myself and to my boyfriend that it will cut down on my stress, and I won't be frustrated by the time I get to work from all my cussing at idiot drivers. I've bargained with myself and convinced my employers that I will finally be able to get to work on time from now on instead of being chronically late.

All these things are partially true. But if I am to be honest with myself, I am on that bus because it gives me MORE TIME TO CROCHET. I'm coming clean here and telling the truth. All those things I mentioned above take second place or lower to my crochet.

Before I would wake up, roll over and grab my current crochet project (or choose from several) that slept on the other side of the bed that night. I'd crochet for 15-20 mins, then slowly get ready for work, sometimes coming back a few times in between to pick up my project and do a few more stitches or rounds while dancing to the radio.

Then I'd be sure to grab a project on the way out and place it in the passenger seat to ride shotgun with me to work. At traffic stops/lulls, I'd pick up my hook and put in some work. I used to get some looks at stop lights. Yeah, I'm guilty of CWD. Well, not while moving though.