Monday, December 31, 2007

White Orchid is Almost Complete

Working on the single crochet border and button band is taking some time since I chose to use such a tiny gauge. The end result is so worth it, but I swear I used twice as many stitches.

Now I have to find some pretty buttons.

There's one problem, though. I've gained more than 10 lbs since I began this project and I don't think it's going to fit. I have to lose some serious weight. Not just to fit my crochet (LOL) but for my health.

Most people wouldn't think I have much of an issue to look at me. Just a few pounds overweight, but medically I am OBESE! I'm wearing a size 12 right now (barely), but my body fat is much too high and it is affecting my blood pressure and cholesterol. My doctor called me last week at my job and told me no more red meat and no fried foods. I could do nothing but laugh. She thought she had upset me, but I had to confess to her that I was eating some fried okra as I was listening to her. LOL! That was definitely a sign. I didn't tell her I was eating fried okra and fried plantain.

Take care of yourselves, everybody. I'm definitely going to make an effort to do better.

Happy New Year!